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Staff Messaging (aka STAFFSMS) is an initiative of e-commerce and business system provider in Nigeria: STAFF NAVIGATORS. Our aim is to make sure what is expected to be cheap is indeed cheap within your reach without a rip off.

Our new office is situated at No 7 St Finbarrs College rd, (Suite 3, 2nd floor 3c Complex) Akoka-Yaba, Lagos Nigeria. Staff messaging is a web to SMS portal which manages your single or BULK SMS needs, where you will be able to broadcast as needed. We have developers team that can design web sites for you or integrate our API into your existing web sites so that you too can receive SMS alerts on your GSM.

We aim at making communications easy and affordable within your reach. We have provided lots of e-solutions and deployed software systems to lots of clients, raignign from school portals, hotel management softwares, shopping carts, etc., and we are still acquiring more of the abandoned or maltreated commercial innovations. We are ready to sponsor your concept if you can convince us logically that it will be useful to our community.

These and lots more we have been able to achieve. Contact us for further information


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