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You can advertise your products and services on this website using any of our new advert plans. Review the plans below and make your choice:

  • Self broadcast SMS Advert - You can simply login to your account and click on Global Advert, select NEW SMS ADVERT, compose your advert and specify the amount of SMS units you are willing to use for the advert. The units will be deducted from your account and the advert sent to your preferred recipient based on the target location you select. This is like a do-it-yourself means of advertising, useful for a buy/sell or products/services awareness. 1 Ad simply cost 1 SMS unit just as if you are sending a normal SMS, only that you are sending to the rest of the members of this community.

  • Our Outbound FootNote SMS Advert - hundreds of transactions are performed on our website on a daily basis (new members registration, unit transfer, units purchase, advert dispatch, subscribers alerts, etc). All of these use SMS to notify members of the outcome of each transaction. Now, imagine you have your company adverts going out with these alerts each time a transaction is performed on this website. To apply for this feature simply call our office desk or use our contact us section.

  • Banner Advert - Now you can book a section of this website or our mobie application and have your banner placed to advertise your products and services. Call us for advert rates

Advert tips: 
- Let your advert go straight to the point
- Include a clear and simple contact details
- Advertise only the products or services you can deliver
- Take advantage of the season


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