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The concept of Bet On iT is for you to bet or challenge soccer fans who are members of our SMS community, you are NOT betting against the House but against other members. We simply put up the list of matches to be played, then if you are a true fan of soccer with good analytical skill (or you believe in sheer luck), you will predict the outcome of some events of the match. If your prediction checks out you get rewarded with SMS units, which you can sell back to (us) the house in exchange for a Call Credit. -Awesome!

The predictions are referred to as "BETS". Currently we have four events you can predict for any given match. The are First team to score a goal, First team to take a throw-in, First team to take corner kick, and which team wins the match. When you predict any of the events, you will tag a particular amount of SMS units from your account to the prediction, then it will be logged as a bet.

Once you place a bet it becomes visible to other members of this community, IF any member disagree with your prediction such member will challenge your prediction. You can cancel your prediction if it has not been challenged, but once your bet is challenged it becomes locked which means there is no going back, winner will be decided by the outcome of the match event as it unfolds.

Scenario Flowchat:
- Arsenal and Chelsea are playing tonight, the house declares open the bet
- Tony predicted two things: Arsenal will take first throw-in, Arsenal will win
- Tony attached 100 SMS units each to the preictions (total 200 units)
- Benny saw the predictions, disagrees with Arsenal winning the match
- Benny challenged it (means he is saying Chelsea will win)
- Benny's challenge means 100 unit is deducted from his account too
- Evelyn saw the two bets, challenged Arsenal to take first throw-in
- Evelyn challenged with 100 units for Chelseas to take first throw-in
- GAME STARTS: Arsenal takes first throw-in (Tony's prediction on point)
- Tony's account will be credited with 200 Units (his 100 + Evelyn's 100)
- Eventually, End of the game and Arsenal Lost (Second prediction failed)
- Benny's account will be credited with 200 Units (his 100 + Tony's 100)
- SUMMARY: For Any Prediction Its Simply Double Or Nothing

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  • You need at least 50 SMS units to participate in any category and your bet is NOT guaranteed to earn you a chance to win until it is challenged by another member
  • If there are no active bet to challenge, you can place your own bet and put an SMS bid on it, then wait for another member to challenge your bet
  • You can cancel your bet before it is challenged, but once it is challenged it becomes LOCKED, it means decision is final and awaiting House resolution after the match
  • Once you place or challenge a bet, the amount of SMS units used to bid is deducted from your available balance
  • After the match, House will perform a resolution and you will be notified, total bid credits will be added to the winner's account balance
  • THE MATH: if you bid on a match with 1000 Units for your team to win, and someone else challenges your bid, then if your team should win, after House resolution your account will be credited with 1800 units. The house takes its 10% for the bet
  • Any unit won is yours to send Text Messages or sell to the House for Call Credits




  • We feel its ok to let you know that you can actually SELL your winnings to the HOUSE in exchange for a CALL CREDIT
  • Whenever you win a bet, it is logged as part of your royalty units, it can be found in your account balance
  • We will be glad to buy the units from you in exchange for CALL Credits, any Nigeria network of your choice
  • Note that we do NOT buy in exchange for cash, we are not licenced to do that yet. so for now it is strictly SMS units to transact and we give you Units in return which can be exchanged for Call units
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